At SQUARe027 we want your adventure to start of on the right foot – whatever it may be. This is why we use only biodegradable rubber soles.

We use a special mix of SBR rubber for our outer soles, completely biodegradable in 502 days in compost without releasing any polluting chemical (according to UNI EN ISO 14855). This biodegradability rate is increased by 60% and its CO2 emissions were reduced to 50% during decomposition, while still maintaining resistance and durability common to other rubber soles. The outsoles are produced in a certified facility (CERTITEX-ECO), that is equipped with a solar water heating system and uses solar panels for lighting. This helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 127,441 kg per year and sulfur dioxide by 172 kg per year. With SQUARe027 shoes, walking has never been so natural!