We can immediately understand that this process strives to give a second life to an object, which is essential to SQUARe027 ethics.

Combining technology with state of the art systems, it is possible to create valid and effective alternatives to new materials.


According to The European Association of Plastic Manufacturers, plastic products make up only 4% of world consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels.

PVC is another matter entirely, one of the most dangerous plastic materials from an ecological standpoint. We completely avoid the use of polyvinyl chloride because we care about the people who work in its productive process. Close contact with this substance can lead to migraines, drowsiness and negative effects on the central nervous system up to damages to the liver with prolonged exposure

This is why our products are proudly PVC-free, and we only use polyester, polyamide and polyurethane.

We try to use mostly recycled materials with low environmental impact.

Our ethical sensibilities push us further, since our DNA is made up of continued research for alternatives to sustainable plastics, to make our contribution in lessening environmental pollution.

There is only one planet Earth and it gives all of us the gift of the perfect environment for life: we believe it is our duty to find a “Greener” solution to protect it.