It may seem odd to think of a shoe made of wood – unless you’re a Dutch traditionalist! At SQUARe027 we use a thin laser-cut sheet of wood, combined with microfiber, to create a material that is easy to handle and has a leather-like feel. The surface is treated with a water-based solution to protect it from atmospheric agents, making it water-repellent.

The wood we use comes exclusively from FSC forests that are ethically managed. This certification guarantees the traceability and origin of the wood. Plus, for every SQUARe027 product sold a tree is planted in Niger, thanks to an agreement with Tree Nation.


Why do we only use wood sourced from FSC certified forests?

  • Without forests, we would not have enough oxygen for all of earth’s creatures –  one of the main reasons for their vital importance to the planet.
  • Trees absorb CO2 which contributes to the slowing down of climate change.
  • A tree is more efficient than a garbage collector. They purify the air and eliminate harmful substances.
  • Forests protect drainage basins. The collective roots can hold retain extensive area of land which in-turn protects the entire eco-system from wind or water erosion.
  • They are conducive to the production of fuel, food, medicines and timber.
  • Trees are the natural habitat of most animals and birds. Forests host 80% of land biodiversity, as well as half of the planet’s species.