New_Logo_OKSQUARe027 isn’t only a brand name. It is an idea, held in a logo: a tree.

But what does it mean?


You might think this is about responsibility, while instead it is about something much deeper: Adaptability!

Our uniqueness comes from being able to adapt to the needs surrounding us. We should not neglect this beaten up and exploited environment. Nowadays, those who succeed have a positive impact on our whole ecosystem. This is what makes us unique.

We answer our Planet’s needs.


Being altogether ethical is our main brand identity. We exclusively use low impact materials and our whole production chain is based in Italy. We respect the ecosystem and our Country.



We do not agree with killing animals for the fashion industry, nor do we agree with toxic tanning processes, we do not use leather, feathers, silk, wool or derivatives.

We design and produce 100% Vegan and Eco-Friendly footwear. We go beyond monotonous concepts, conveying our exclusiveness born of tradition and research, trademark of SQUARe027.