Sustainable Fashion? Now it is for real!

I have been analyzing the footwear market for months, or maybe years, with an eye to innovation and sustainability, without compromising Fashion.

I found my home in San Mauro Pascoli, where everything is about quality footwear, where masters of the art have sewn together comfort with extreme beauty, where we can not go wrong.

Nelle In my continuous research I could feel the echoes of a keen eye for details, but the more time passed, the more I noticed that this niche hadn’t been considered, that much had been said whereas little had been done.

These last few years of furious delocalization of production processes and the use of cheaper materials, has lead to immediate saving that however hinders our future.

Due to these premises, and thanks to my luck for having a talent for footwear design in my blood, like my parents before me and thanks to the involvement of local experts, I have decided to bring about innovation, keeping in mind the environment, creating a product that can respect its origins in my home town.

Thus was born an “Eco-Friendly” enterprise, SQUARe027.

Fashion, by definition is a behavior, that can change with time that focuses on lifestyle habits, apparel. Time is what we should be aware of.

Fashion is not by itself consumerism, (I know, I know, it’s the first association that comes to mind), however our current reality is always running ahead of our needs, giving way to mass consumerism and fashion’s power over it.

We all wish to be noticed, we all want the latest smartphone available, we all want “our” wishes to come true.

What about sustainable fashion instead? A non-conformist kind of fashion?! There is no need to neglect ourselves in order to respect the environment, but we should make sensible choices. Everybody likes being beautiful (or so Dorian Grey taught us) but we can do so sustainably.

Let’s use our wish to be noticed, with awareness.

This is only the beginning…

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